Public Participation at Parish Council Meetings


Adopted Sept 2007

The Council being subject to law finds that Members of the Public have no statutory right to speak at meetings of The Parish Council.

That is to say - The Council, whilst in session  cannot be FORCED to hear the views of  members of the public

However, s.1 Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act provides that meetings must be open to the public and Schedule 12 Local government Act 1972 gives all local authorities (parish, borough and county) the power to make standing orders to regulate business.

Ford Parish Council  having regard toThe Local Authorities (Model  Code of conduct) order Section 12(2) as adopted will henceforth allow members of the Public to speak to Council members immediately before a Council discussion on an issue, for a maximum of five minutes.  Only to make representations, give evidence, and to put questions relating to the issue to be discussed.

As a matter of practice and for a host of reasons the public forum will be kept separate from the debate of councillors.

ie. Members of the public will not be allowed to speak during the debate by the Council.

Previous notice by a member of the public of his/her intention to speak about an issue to be discussed by the Parish Council must in normal circumstances be given to the Clerk or Chairman before the commencement of the Meeting, but can be subject to the Chairmans discretion.

Localism Act 2011

In accordance with recent legislation Ford Parish Council adopted the Shropshire Code of Conduct on 10th July 2012.  All Council members are expected to act in accordance with the 7 principles of public life.  The Code of Conduct may be viewed by clicking here: docShropshire Code of Conduct (95KB)

Members of the Parish Council must also declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and a register of these is maintained by Shropshire Council.  A link to the register of Ford Parish Council Interests can be found on the Parish Council Membership page.

All Members of the Council are required by law to complete a Register of Members' Interests within 28 days of being elected or appointed to office. This requirement is set out in the Localism Act and also applies to Town and Parish Councillors.

Councillors (Members) must register Disclosable Pecuniary Interests of their own and of their spouse/partner in a public register of interests. These include:

  • details of their employment or business
  • contracts between them / their firm and the Council
  • interests in land in the Council's area
  • details of any significant shareholdings in companies with a place of business or land in the area covered by the authority

Members must not participate or vote in matters considered at meetings of the authority which affect their Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.