Renewable Energy - Local Developments

So what's happening locally then - Poplar Lane, Bearstone, North Shropshire. Nuon Renewables has proposals to create a Wind Power station at this location and in the opposite corner there is Vortex, an Action Group set up to stop the development.

Nuon's website has a statement on the Home Page that it is actively seeking landowners and farmers as partners in future projects. A wind farm offers diversification, an opportunity for long term income and enhancement of the local economy. The website indicates that a rigorous set of criteria is applied to assess if a particular tract of land is suitable for development. Further detailed studies are carried out to assess likely significant impacts in the locale. Nuon also includes provision for community funds in the business plans. Wind power, Nuon is convinced, is a very cost-effective and well developed source of renewable energy and is a means by which immediate emission savings can be made.

The proposal is to build a number of turbines, probably 7, at the site which will each reach 105 metres in height. This apparently has now become 110 metres. The development will meet the needs of 6,800 homes, based on average household consumption. The site has been selected after a careful study of the West midlands Region. The planning application was validated by the NSDC on 16th May 2008, 6th June was the date by which comments had to be received at the NSDC on the development. The planning application number is 08/00832/EIA.

Vortex stands for Veto On Rural Turbine Expansion and their website is worth a study, www vortex uk net. There are many quotes on the website, diary entries from people who already live near Wind Farms, reports of accidents involving the turbines, an events diary, plus various reports on the effect on the health and well-being of people close to Wind Farms and the local landscape. It paints a very different picture than Nuon Renewables. Vortex promises that it will inform planners, councils, and the press about the concerns they have about this development.

Nuon's studies have identified areas of land in the Region that are suitable for Wind Farms and we can assume that many more planning applications will be forthcoming after this initial one is successful. More information is available at www nuonrenewables com.

I recommend to you all a visit to both websites soon.

The Windmaster